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Why a balance bike?

For many years, children have learned to ride bikes using stabilisers. So why use a balance bike?

Imagine yourself leaning on a chair. If someone pulls the chair away, what happens? You fall over.

It’s the same when learning to ride on stabilisers.

The wheels tilt to one side, creating a false point of balance.

When the stabilisers are removed, riders have to re-learn where their balance point is so that they do not fall off.

Balance bikes allow children to explore their correct balance point from day one, building core stability as they do so. The games in Skills 2 Ride - Balance will help to improve core skills, including balance.

Children can start on a balance bike as early as 18 months – much earlier than the smallest pedal bike with stabilisers.

If that is not enough to convince you, they are also a lot of fun to ride and give children a lot more freedom.

From an early age they are great for small everyday journeys to and from pre-school, the shops and trips to the park.