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Where do I start?

Where you start your journey depends upon the individual child, so don’t worry about what other children their age might be doing. For complete beginners we recommend starting at Prepare 2 Ride where you don’t need a bike to play any of the games.

This stage is great to work through with any child, as the games will help them to improve their steering, stopping and pedalling. The activities will also develop the fine motor skills that children need to use cutlery, tie their shoe laces and play other sports

For the Skills 2 Ride – Balance stage you will need access to a balance bike – or you can take the pedals off of a normal bicycle if it’s not too big. Start here once your child has mastered the basics of movement and is all set to scoot.

Skills 2 Ride – Pedals brings together all of the skills from Prepare and Balance when children should be ready to ride. Here you can help your child to start pedalling, then play fun games together to make cycling a skill for life.

Now I can!

Each of the games features a Now I can! challenge to make sure that your child is confident to complete that skill. Work through these activities together and track progress in The shed. Once all Now I can! challenges are complete, you will unlock a personalized certificate!

Remember, there is no time limit on learning to ride; some children may be up and cycling in no time, while for others it’s a much longer process. Stick with it and have fun!