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Terms and Conditions for taking part or using resources provided in readysetride.co.uk

British Cycling has introduced Ready Set Ride to empower families to support children to learn to ride a bike and discover the joy of cycling. We’ve created these terms and conditions for the safety of everyone taking part in Ready Set Ride. All users/riders should read these carefully before delivering or taking part in Ready Set Ride.


Rider: anyone taking part in Ready Set Ride.
Children/Child: The activities and games in Ready Set Ride have been designed for children, typically aged 3-8 years although we advocate that activities are stage not age appropriate to each child’s development.

Riders’ health

Cycling is a physical activity and can be strenuous. Riders and parents/deliverers should be in good health and any rider, parents/deliverers who has a doubt about their health or fitness, or who has a medical condition or injury that could be affected by exercise (particularly a heart condition), should consult their doctor before participating.


All games and activities are designed entirely for balance bikes and pedal bikes. All parents/deliverers must ensure that the bikes used are correctly maintained and set up for the individual rider.


In compliance with British Cycling’s rules and regulations, wearing helmets is a personal choice for your family. However, we strongly recommend all children wear a correctly fitted helmet when taking part in Ready Set Ride games and activities. Parents/deliverers should also ensure that children wear appropriate clothing and shoes.
Schools participating in Ready Set Ride should refer to and comply with their own health and safety/wellbeing policies with regard to wearing helmets.


All children participating in Ready Set Ride must be registered and accompanied by a responsible adult. If the responsible adult is not the parent or guardian of the participating child(ren), they must obtain prior written consent from the child(ren)’s legal parent or guardian before entering the child(ren)’s details onto the web site.

Risk and liability

British Cycling will do all in their reasonable control to make the Ready Set Ride activities described on this website as safe as possible, but all parents/deliverers organising Ready Set Ride activities do so at their own risk. It is the responsibility of parents/deliverers to ensure that every child taking part is at the appropriate developmental level to undertake each new activity.
Ready Set Ride activities can be facilitated for children by any responsible adult who feels confident to use them. They are not designed to facilitate formal coached sessions unless the person overseeing those sessions holds a relevant qualification.
Creating a safe space in which to carry out the activity is important and if at any time you feel that an activity is not within your capacity or safety may be compromised then you should stop the activity immediately.
British Cycling do not accept liability for any loss or damage caused whilst participating in Ready Set Ride activities.


British Cycling may cancel or amend Ready Set Ride activities and games at their discretion.  British Cycling accepts no liability for any costs incurred as a result of the cancellation.

Use of information

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These terms and conditions shall be governed by English Law.