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Group delivery

All of the games we have developed can be used to help a group of children. The games can be scaled up for 2, 3, a whole class or Rainbows or Cubs Pack!

You can organise a large group into small groups, playing different games and rotating around. Learning together is often even more fun!

Families can easily make up a group with siblings and other friends. It isn’t always about children of the same age together and we bet that there are games in here that any adult would find a challenge!

The games provide ideas for making the activity harder and easier to help meet everyone’s needs at one time.

Top tips for group delivery:

If you are planning to use the games in a group situation, the following tips will help you to organise your group, making the activating exciting and safe.

  • Ensure everybody is as active as possible.
  • Keep everyone practising the same activity at the same time.
  • If you need more equipment, deliver two or more activities at once.
  • Use the easier and harder sections to help meet everyone’s needs at one time.
  • Zone the space by dividing the area up.
  • Use a different activity in each zone, e.g. three zones, three different activities.
  • Rotate participants around activities.
  • Stay longer on the ones the child requires more practice on.

These materials have been developed jointly by British Cycling and the Youth Sport Trust. These activities can be facilitated for children by any responsible adult who feels confident to use them. They are not designed to facilitate formal coached sessions unless the person overseeing those sessions holds a relevant qualification.

Creating a safe space in which to carry out any activity is important and if at any time you feel that an activity is not within your capability and safety may be compromised then you should stop the activity immediately. Please contact British Cycling if you have any concerns.