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Frequently asked questions for teachers / schools

1. Where / how do we get started?
2. What equipment do we need?
3. Do children need to wear helmets?
4. Do children need to wear any specialist clothing?
5. Do we have to do the games in order?
6. Do they have to complete Prepare 2 Ride?
7. What do they do next after completing Skills 2 Ride – Pedals?
8. What if we don't have balance bikes and/or already have bikes with stabilisers?
9. Where/ when do our children get the rewards?
10. Can I buy a printed copy of the activities, and how much do they cost?
11. What do I need to look for when I’m buying a balance bike ?
12. Do we have to use qualified coaches or go on a specific training course?
13. How many children should be included in the activity at any one time?
14. What do I do if I have children on balance bikes and pedal bikes?
15. Is there a specific way to engage parents?
16. Do parents have to be involved or can we deliver it all in school time?