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Let’s get pedalling!

Make sure they are sitting comfortably and ready to have a try at pedalling.

It is really important you don’t hold the saddle or the handlebars when you support a child to start pedalling. If you do this you won’t let them find their own balance and it will stop them progressing.

If they need your support, hold gently at the top of the back, cradling the bottom of the neck with one hand. Or if you find this too hard then cradle them gently under the armpits. Don’t tickle, though! Put the pedals level, get feet on and then for most children an initial push on a flat area or gentle downhill slope will get them gliding as they did on the balance bike.

If this isn’t enough then you can walk or run beside them, holding as gently as possible to let them gain confidence.

Describing what pedalling feels like can be hard but the motion of pushing and turning should come naturally. Most children will get themselves started by scooting with their feet to get up speed then popping their feet on the pedals.

The progression once they are confident enough and strong enough is to learn the ‘pedal ready’ position with the pedal at 2 o’clock. Then tell them to ‘push down hard’ and get the pedals turning.

Getting set up and ready to go